Our history

Le Labo librairie de Differdange is a bookstore created by a couple of two independents in February 2021.

We decided to create our bookstore to develop the curiosity of the people around us by offering them original products selected by us. We make every effort to best meet the desires of our customers and satisfy them every day. We are therefore a couple of passionate and curious about pop culture who do everything to advise you, satisfy you and make you discover lots of new things almost every week.

During our creation many obstacles came in our way. Too small, to obtain books and objects in great demand by large groups, too small to obtain competitive delivery costs, etc. orders from our customers, we will post the packages ourselves during our mealtimes in order to reduce our customers' bills as much as possible. All of this together.

So know that by ordering from us, you do not give your money to investors sipping their cocktails by a swimming pool without doing anything. Even if it is the dream of many of us, it is what makes the difference between the big chains having their seat and their stores in very different countries and the independents living and working in the same country.

We are therefore at your disposal every day, from morning until late in the evening to follow your orders and meet your expectations. We will do our best for you and what we don't have in store we can probably order for you!

If you are a customer of ours, we would like to say a big thank you for helping us, if you would like to be a customer, please do not hesitate! And if you are a simple visitor, thank you also, because we have already succeeded in arousing your curiosity and that is our goal!

Our goal in the future would be to grow and who knows, to have curious, passionate employees who will be paid the same salary as ours, because without each other, we will not go very far.